Public health ROI: Foodborne illness network is saving thousands of lives and millions of dollars

In another example of the value of investing in public health, a recent study finds that PulseNet, a national foodborne illness outbreak network, prevents about 276,000 illnesses every year, which translates into savings of $507 million in medical costs and lost productivity. That’s a pretty big return on investment for a system that costs just $7.3 million annually to operate.

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Public health ROI: Study finds investing in lead poisoning prevention could reap millions in benefits

Childhood lead poisoning is one of those health risks that everyone has likely heard about, but many probably think it’s a problem of the past. However, a recent study reminds us that in just one state — Michigan — the effects of childhood lead poisoning cost about $330 million every year. And that’s a conservative estimate.

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In tight fiscal times, National Public Health Week highlights the return on public health investments

In a little less than a month, public health workers in Macomb County, Mich., will set up at the local Babies"R"Us store to offer parents a free child car seat check. The Macomb County Health Department has been organizing such car seat checks for years, knowing that proper child vehicle restraints can save lives and prevent injury. The event also fits in perfectly with this year's National Public Health Week theme of "Public Health ROI: Save Lives, Save Money."

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