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It looks like we’re not the only ones scrutinizing the FDA. Merrill Goozner at GoozNews takes on the agency’s prescription drug user fees, conflicted advisory committee members, and guidance for manufacturers, while Revere examines food safety and an experimental bird flu vaccine.

Also on the topic of pharmaceuticals, Abel Pharmboy at Terra Sigillata reported that the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists has developed a policy recognizing pharmacists’ right to decline to participate in therapies they find morally troubling. This set off a host of other posts: Janet Stemwedel at Adventures in Ethics and Science examined the tensions between personal conscience and professional duties and personal integrity and professional integrity, as well as the issue of dissent in professional communities. Kevin Beck at Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge weighed in with his own views on the matter. Abel Pharmboy summarized some of the points raised in the debate and introduced a new question, and provided the Oath of a Pharmacist and APhA Code of Pharmacist Ethics.

And, of course, there’s plenty of great blogging on topics other than the FDA and pharmacists:

Sharon Camp at RH Reality Check
 suggests 12 questions to help us tell good science from bad.

Cervantes at Stayin’ Alive alerts readers to the new Prescription Project, which aims to end conflicts of interest stemming from the $12 billion annual pharmaceutical marketing expenditure.

Mike Dunford at The Questionable Authority has more on astroturfing.

Aman at Technology, Health & Development describes two organizations that are working to eradicate blindness caused by cataracts in the developing world.

Ruth Levine at Global Health Policy highlights the debate on how to proceed with polio eradication efforts now that only small, challenging pockets of the disease are left.

Mike the Mad Biologist considers the hospital CEO who’s blogging about his institution’s rate of certain ICU infection rates.

Carol Lloyd at Broadsheet notes that hospital gift bags can influence new mothers’ behavior.

At Gristmill, Anna Fahey analyzes Shwarzenegger’s global warming communication and David Roberts reports on Clinton’s proposed energy legislation.

Gavin at RealClimate checks out the latest re-analysis of hurricane trends.

What else is worth a read? Add suggestions in the comments section.

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