July 1, 2007 The Pump Handle 0Comment

The Newmont Mining Company reports that the body of gold miner Dan Shaw, 30, was recovered on June 30 after an 11-day rescue effort.  The federal agency responsible for miners’ safety and health, MSHA, has zero, zilch, nada on its website about the accident, the rescue or the recovery effort.  In “Do I Expect Too Much from MSHA” I wrote (and commenters chimed in) why I don’t want to rely solely on information provided by the mining company.  In this case though, updates from Newmont were the only way to monitor progress of the rescue.  God rest the soul of Mr. Dan Shaw and send comfort to his family, friends and co-workers who kept vigil for all those many days.

Update (7/3/07): MSHA’s website was updated today, adding Mr. Dan Shaw’s death to the count of metal and non-metal miners killed this year at U.S. operations.  His death is listed as number 14.

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