July 27, 2007 The Pump Handle 0Comment

(Since I’ve actually been away from the computer all week, these links are all to posts from the previous week. Feel free to add some of this week’s must-read blog posts in the comments.)

Several bloggers are keeping us up to speed on health policy and its implications. Rachel Gold and Elizabeth Nash at RH Reality Check take a midyear look at state reproductive health policies; Heather Won Tesoriero at WSJ’s Health Blog looks at state moves to ban mandatory overtime for nurses, which can help slow an exodus from the profession. Also at the Health Blog, Joseph Mantone notes that with Medicaid reimbursement rates low, Medicaid patients are having a hard time finding providers that will accept them. Mead Over at Global Health Policy highlights research exploring different factors in HIV transmission rates, which has implications for HIV prevention programs.


Matt Madia at Reg Watch keeps us informed about the workings of the federal regulatory process, with news about an impending GAO report and an example of White House regulatory delay.

The Olive Ridley Crawl highlights a promising discovery of new water resources in Sudan might help end the conflict in Darfur.

Wendy Norris at RH Reality Check warns that an EPA reporting rollback threatens reproductive health.

Charles Komanoff at Gristmill argues that the act of imposing congestion pricing is significant because it establishes the principle that safeguarding the commons.

Jason Heilpern at Hazard’s Recognized explains why supervisor training is an important and often-overlooked component of workplace safety programs.

Deepali Gaur Singh at RH Reality Check reports on the difficult problem of sex-selective abortion in India (Part II here).

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