August 3, 2007 The Pump Handle 0Comment

There’s lots of pre-recess activity in Congress right now, and bloggers provide news and commentary:

In non-legislative blogging:

Frank O’Donnell at Clean Air Watch warns that the White House has tampered with the EPA’s smog proposal (hat tip to Reg Watch).

Climate Science Watch reports on the stealth release of the evasive U.S. Climate Action Report (hat tip to DeSmogBlog).

Revere at Effect Measure explores the difference in health care wait times in the U.S. and Canada.

Jill Sheffield at RH Reality Check explains why Afghan women are disproportionately the victims of the destruction of Afghanistan’s health infrastructure.

Mead Over at Global Health Policy considers the pros and cons of user fees in improving poor people’s access to health care.

Tara C. Smith at Aetiology takes us back two-and-a-half years to the discovery of XDR-TB.

Coturnix at A Blog Around the Clock brings us the inside scoop on the first anniversary of his new employer, PLoS One.

Catherine Price at Broadsheet describes the sex education in Second Life.

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