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These three men were killed while trying to rescue six miners trapped at Crandall Canyon in Utah:

In other news:

New York Times: Firefighters Joseph Graffagnino, 33, and Robert Beddia, 53, died battling a blaze in the Deutsche Bank building at Ground Zero.

Associated Press: UFCW president Joseph Hansen has called for a congressional investigation into techniques used by officials during immigration raids last year at six Swift & Co meatpacking plants. Workers report being denied their legal rights during the raid, including access to telephones, bathrooms, and legal counsel (via Majikthise).

Occupational Hazards: Fifteen years after anti-sweatshop campaigns focused attention on labor conditions in multinational companies’ supply chains, thousands of developing-world factories have made workplace safety and health improvements. For widespread and significant change to be made, though, standards and sourcing decisions need to be improved. 

New York Times: Nina Berman’s photos of veterans wounded in Iraq are on display at a New York gallery and on the Times website.

Baltimore Sun: Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has signed an executive order granting collective bargaining rights to the state’s home health aides and child care workers whose pay is subsidized by the state (via AFL-CIO Weblog).

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