September 21, 2007 The Pump Handle 0Comment

The FDA bill wasn’t the only thing getting health policy types excited this week. Senator Clinton unveiled her healthcare proposal, and provided fodder for bloggers, including: Ezra Klein (here, too) GoozNews, the Numbers Guy, RH Reality Check, and WSJ Health Blog.

Also focusing on the executive branch, Tom Philpott at Gristmill reports on Chuck Connor, who’s played key role in advancing the interests of ADM and other members of the Corn Refiners Association – and who’s now the acting secretary at USDA.


Roy M. Poses MD at Health Care Renewal explains who’s behind a recent report on U.S. hospital quality, and how the Leapfrog Group’s membership might bias the report.

Lynn Harris at Broadsheet examines a new report that finds women of childbearing age aren’t getting enough counseling about the risks of birth defects associated with certain drugs.

Ed Silverman at Pharmalot points out that the FDA isn’t alone in needing drug-safety reform – the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is also criticized for failing to monitor drugs on the market adequately.

Cervantes at Stayin’ Alive warns of impending public health emergencies, as identified by the World Health Organization.

Tara C. Smith at Aetiology and Abel Pharmboy at Terra Sigillata consider the bleak prospects for young biomedical researchers competing for too few jobs.

The Olive Ridley Crawl highlights yet another reason why coal is evil.

Amanda at Enviroblog reports on a new study about dust and PBDEs (and gets a Queen song stuck in her readers’ heads).

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