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Nanotechnology is getting some attention these days. Revere at Effect Measure (which just celebrated its third blogiversary!) gauges the level of alarm about nanotechnology; at Science Progress, Michael Peroski looks at the current regulatory framework for nanotechnology, while Justin Masterman highlights the promise of nanotubes for cancer therapy; and Matt Madia at Reg Watch critiques the White House’s approach to the topic.

In a different research vein, Jacob Goldstein at the WSJ Health Blog, Abel Pharmboy at Terra Sigillata, and Emily Monosson at Neighborhood Toxicologist all weigh in on the pharmaceutical potential of grapefruit juice.


Ed Silverman at Pharmalot explains Congressman Waxman’s concerns a new FDA draft guidance about distributing journal articles.

Maggie Mahar at Health Beat dissects a “muddled” New York Times editorial on healthcare costs.

Tara Smith at Correlations reports on a novel case of religious practice conflicting with public health: a New York woman has been arrested for having bush meat shipped to her from Guinea for ritual holiday consumption.

Bruce Kushnick at Nieman Watchdog alerts us to a corporate-sponsored group that writes model legislation and promotes it to state legislators – and often gets results favorable to its corporate clients.

Andrew Sharpless at Gristmill explains how a swarm of mauve stinger jellies wiping out an Irish salmon farm exemplifies three major issues facing the oceans.

Tula Connell and James Parks at the AFL-CIO Weblog update us on the Appalachian Regional Healthcare strike, which is entering its third month.

Kane at OSHA Underground examines the correlation between OSHA staffing levels and fatality rates in different states.

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