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The science blogosphere has been particularly active this past week. The Second Annual Science Blogging Conference brought bloggers together in North Carolina, where they discussed open science, blogger ethics, gender and race in science, science communication, and more. Conference organizer Coturnix has links and videos aplenty. One thought-provoking post comes from Abel Pharmboy, who reports on the contentious Framing Science discussion. At this session, panelists and audience members debated how to make the public more aware of how essential science is to all of us in, and do so within today’s challenging media environment.

Meanwhile, Dave Munger at Cognitive Daily introduces ResearchBlogging.org, which collects blog posts about peer-reviewed research. Recent posts address stem cells, antidepressants, the herpes simplex virus, Alzheimer’s treatment, and many other research topics.


John Irons at Science Progress assesses the science funding in the president’s budget proposal in light of historical trends.

Maggie Mahar at Health Beat examines the portion of healthcare spending that goes to physicians, which involves physicians’ growing costs as well as the diverging incomes for different types of doctors (Part II here).

Tracy Clark-Flory at Broadsheet discusses what’s behind the U.S.’s falling abortion rate.

Billy Parish at Gristmill suggests honoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s memory by demanding that Congress offer stimulus that is green and economically just.

Robert McClure at Dateline Earth reports on the recent developments in Senate efforts to reform the 135-year-old mining law.

Kevin Grandia at DeSmogBlog reveals industry efforts to push so-called “clean coal” in Pennsylvania.

Amanda at Enviroblog brings us better news from Pennsylvania: Monsanto has lost its fight to prevent dairies from labeling their products as being free of synthetic growth hormones.

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