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Bloggers help us stay on top of environmental news:

  • Andrew Revkin at Dot Earth brings us the grim news from a new federal report on climate change impacts: there’s a 90-percent likelihood that the frequency and intensity of heat waves and heavy downpours will rise.
  • Andrew Schneider at Secret Ingredients reports that the Supreme Court has rejected appeals by asbestos giant W.R. Grace, clearing the way for company officials to stand trial for knowingly endangering the lives of its workers and residents of Libby, Montana.
  • Kate Sheppard at Gristmill keeps tabs on a flurry of fuel-related legislation in the House (including a bill to increase funding for public transit), and updates us on the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming’s hearing on fuel efficiency standards.
  • Robert McClure at Dateline Earth provides some perspective on the Florida government’s purchase of U.S. Sugar holdings, which will allow for a massive ecological restoration project connecting the Everglades to Lake Okeechobee.


Shirah at unbossed.com reports on a hearing about OSHA’s poor record on enforcing construction safety rules – and follows it with a reminder of some of the good things that OSHA employees are getting done at construction workplaces.

Jennifer Nelson at Science Progress gives us the numbers on additional funding for research and education that’s moving through Congress.

Merrill Goozner critiques Scott Gottlieb (a formal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid official) and the mainstream media for their columns, or lack thereof, on the Medicare legislation that just passed the house.

Jennifer Sass at NRDC’s Switchboard breaks down the nanomaterials loopholes in the EU’s chemical safety legislation that a new effort aims to close.

Ed Yong at Not Exactly Rocket Science shares some good news about fish making a comeback in the world’s largest no-fishing zone.

Marianne Mollmann at RH Reality Check explains the implications of the UN Security Council’s historic declaration about rape in war.

Christine Gorman at Global Health Report shares some of her impressions from one visit to the pediatric ward of a hospital in Malawi, where she’s spending her four-month Nieman Fellowship for Global Health Reporting learning about the challenges and opportunities that Malawi’s nurses face.

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