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Bloggers have alarming stories of diseases reappearing:

  • Mike Lizza at The Lede (NYT) explores the reappearance of polio in tribal Pakistan.
  • Tara C. Smith at Aetiology describes the hemorrhagic-fever-causing Marburg virus, which just killed a Dutch woman who traveled to Uganda.
  • Katharine Mieszkowski at Broadsheet reports on the resurgence of measles in the U.S., and a celebrity campaign urging parents to get their children vaccinated against this and other childhood diseases.


Alicia Mundy at WSJ’s Health Blog reports on Big Pharma’s negotiations with lawmakers about direct-to-consumer advertising.

Jennifer Nelson at Science Progress provides an overview of the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s Integrity in Science Conference, which featured an in-depth discussion of energy policy.

Andrew Schneider at Secret Ingredients alerts us to a USDA move towards sharing more information about potentially contaminated meat.

Natalia at Enviroblog urges us to think of the poor Pseudomonas and avoid the many unnecessary antibacterial products on the market.

David Pettit at NRDC’s Switchboard refutes arguments against new California legislation that will tax container ships to pay for measures to clean up polluted port air.

Kate Sheppard at Gristmill has the latest on a new House bill that attacks gas-price pressure by investing in transit alternatives and smarter city planning.

Aman at Technology, Health & Development considers the impact of a massive wave of chronic disease in China and India.

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