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Environmental Health News is a key resource for people who want to stay up-to-date on environmental issues, and it’s now gotten even better. John Peterson Myers, who’s made the site (especially its Above the Fold daily news update) an invaluable resource that so many of us rely on, has now recruited some new talent and moved into the role of publisher. Marla Cone, who many readers will recognize from her top-notch environmental reporting for the Los Angeles Times, has joined as Editor-in-Chief, and will be writing feature stories for the site.

As a glimpse of what the new EHN has to offer, check out their recent items on Bisphenol A. Cone reports on the latest findings on the chemical’s health effects and places this new study in the context of the research that’s been done to date on BPA. In a new feature dedicated to media coverage of environmental issues, Myers critiques the media coverage of the FDA hearing on BPA (describing an “electric moment” that reporters overlooked) and praises a Science News reporter for getting the science right in a BPA story.

Check out the new Environmental Health News for even more extensive, in-depth coverage on the environmental health issues we’re facing today.

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