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This week’s edition is devoted to blogging about election results: the performance of state-level ballot measures, what the new Congress looks like, speculation about cabinet picks, and priorities for President-Elect Obama and the 111th Congress.

Suggested Policies and Priorities
Students from the Presidio School of Management, writing at TriplePundit, offer suggestions for a fiscal stimulus package.

Kate Sheppard at Gristmill considers the prospect for getting the green economy rolling.

Jake Schmidt at NRDC’s Switchboard compiles input from around the world to Obama on global warming.

Thomas Levenson at The Inverse Square Blog proposes a science initiative for the Obama administration.

Suzanne Petroni at RH Reality Check calls on the new administration and Congress not just to turn back damaging policies (the Global Gag Rule, abstinence-only sex ed, etc) but to ensure that gender equality undergirds our new foreign aid infrastructure and our foreign policies and to actively promote a sexually healthy nation; meanwhile, Marilyn Keefe offers a specific reproductive health policy agenda.

Maggie Mahar at Health Beat tells us how we can help President Obama.

State Initiative Results
Michael Stebbins at Scientists and Engineers for America rounds up results for state ballot measures on science.

Emily Douglas at RH Reality Check reports on voters’ rejection of state anti-choice ballot initiatives.

Keith Johnson at Environmental Capital tallies the results for on environmental ballot measures.

Jacob Goldstein at WSJ’s Health Blog tracks results on Arizona’s proposal barring state requirements for universal health insurance; Washington’s initiative legalizing physician-assisted suicide; and Michigan’s legalization of medical marijuana and expansion of stem-cell research.

The Changing Congress
Kate Sheppard at Gristmill considers the possibility that John Dingell – the auto-industry-friendly Congressman from Detroit, who’s used his chairmanship of the Energy and Commerce Committee to slow action on climate change – will lose his chairmanship to Henry Waxman, who hails from California and favors strong climate policies. (Check out her post on the Congressional races that matter for the environment, too.)

Robert McClure at Dateline Earth looks at Congressional race results likely to affect environmental issues.

Ezra Klein explains the struggle going on between two Senate committees, each with a chair who wants to lead healthcare reform efforts.

Amie Newman at RH Reality Check calls this election “a move towards a more pro-prevention, pro-education, pro-woman United States Congress.”

Cabinet Speculation
Alicia Mundy at WSJ’s Health Blog highlights potential heads of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration, and Jacob Goldstein suggests another FDA contender.

ScienceWoman weighs in against two people being suggested to head the EPA and Treasury.

Keith Johnson at Environmental Capital wonders if Schwarzenegger might get the top post at the Department of Engery.

David Roberts considers the climate-change views of Chuck Hagel and Richard Lugar, whose names are being floated for the Secretary of State post.

Andrew Sharpless at Gristmill reminds us of the importance of the Commerce cabinet position for oceans.

Kane at OSHA Underground suggests a Secretary of Labor and highlights some additional contenders for the job.

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