December 12, 2008 The Pump Handle 0Comment

Bloggers react to the news of Obama’s picks for top enviornmental posts:

  • Kate Sheppard at Gristmill gathers reactions from both environmental advocates and business-oriented think tanks. (Myron Ebel of the Competitive Enterprise Institute warns that Carol Browner shares many of Al Gore’s “wildest opinions.”)
  • Frances Beinecke at NRDC’s Switchboard considers Obama’s choices to be proof that he’s serious about protect the planet and tackling global warming.
  • Dave Loos at EnviroWonk is “cautiously thrilled” about Steven Chu heading the Department of Energy.


Matt Madia at Reg Watch brings us the latest last-minute outrage from the Bush administration: rollbacks of rules on emissions from factory farms and burning hazardous waste.

Alison Bass reports on a big loophole in Massachusetts’ new disclosure rule for health professionals who get money from drug companies.

Maryn McKenna at Superbug warns that the emergency-room conditions that contributed to the death of 39-year-old Robert Sweitzer from MRSA pneumonia are widespread and worsening.

Chad Orzel at Uncertain Principles offers scientists advice on helping to improve public interest in and understanding of science.

Janet Stemwedel at Adventures in Ethics and Science grapples with challenges of placebo-controlled trials.

R. Craig Lefebvre at On Social Marketing and Social Change considers the lessons that a British report on public health suggests for health improvement in the U.S.

Bill Savedoff at Global Health Policy cautions that the “teach a man to fish” proverb might not be the best guiding idea for international HIV/AIDS assistance.

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