January 6, 2009 The Pump Handle 0Comment

One of our favorite bloggers, BrooklynDodger, has returned to blogging after an extended break. Dodger is a scientific paper hawk, finding and commenting on important papers in journals we wish we had time to read.

We always learn something in Dodger’s posts.  Recently, for example, he had this (and more) to say about a new toxicology study on titanium dioxide nanoparticles:

Someday, the continuing myth that little to nothing is known about the hazards of nanoparticles or nanotechnology will be busted.  The Dodgers(s) have previously noted that Titatanium Dioxide of all sizes is an IARC 2B carcinogen, with little controversy about nano sized. TiO2 used to be a negative control, supposedly inert and non-toxic material before it turned out to be a carcinogen. TiO2 is one of two major use nanotechnology materials, the other being carbon nanotubes.

The Dodgers may never return to Brooklyn, but we’re pleased that Brooklyn Dodger has returned us.  Welcome back.

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