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First, some welcome breaking news from Amie Newman at RH Reality Check: President Obama has rescinded the Global Gag Rule, which banned giving federal funds to internal groups that provide abortions or informations about the procedure.

Jacob Goldstein at WSJ’s Health Blog is also on top of the latest health news, reporting that Obama has named Richard Besser, who’s headed emergency response efforts at CDC, as acting head of that agency.

And bloggers have a few more thoughts on Obama’s appointments and plans:

  • Maggie Mahar at Health Beat suggests that Obama’s inaugural address might have been preparing us for the difficult choices that we’ll face with healthcare reform.
  • Kate Sheppard at Gristmill reports on Transportation pick Ray LaHood’s views on the connection between transportation and sustainability.
  • Robert McClure at Dateline Earth points out that Ken Salazar, Obama’s choice for Interior Secretary, has opposed proposals that would have tightened fuel efficiency standards, repealed tax breaks for ExxonMobil, and used the Farm Bill to better protect the environment.
  • Sarah Rubenstein at WSJ’s Health Blog passes along some FDA advice from prominent Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Steve Nissen.


Andrew Schneider at Secret Ingredients describes the latest roadblock in the case against W.R. Grace over the asbestos-related illnesses and deaths of hundreds of residents of Libby, Montana.

Anthony Wright at The Treatment reports on healthcare components in the stimulus package, including one that acts as a “down payment” on health reform.

Tara C. Smith at Aetiology gives us the  scoop on research she and her colleagues have just published — they found the drug-resistant bacteria MRSA in pigs and humans at one of two swine farming companies studied.

Matt Madia at Reg Watch considers the prospects for California being able to regulate vehicles’ greenhouse-gas emissions under the new administration.

Sonya Lunder at Enviroblog explains the latest findings on BPA in children.

Ruth Levine at Global Health Policy considers the challenges that go along with the concentration of pharmaceutical production in India and China.

Our Delhi Struggle shows us how billboards get hung in India — without safety harnesses.

One thought on “Friday Blog Roundup

  1. Obama has named Richard Besser, who’s headed emergency response efforts at CDC, as acting head of that agency.

    This can’t be good news. CDC fought long and hard for allowing providers to give healthcare workers surgical masks in an emergency, and against requiring N95’s.

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