February 6, 2009 The Pump Handle 0Comment

Bloggers discuss food:

  • Andrew Schneider at Secret Ingredients points out that FDA can’t just shut down the facility responsible for salmonella-tainted peanut paste.
  • Maryn McKenna has more bad news about the drug-resistant bacteria MRSA: now it’s been found in Belgian chickens.
  • Tom Philpott at Gristmill attends the Seafood Summit and makes analogies (between land- and sea-based food production, between marine and terrestrial monocultures, etc.).
  • Andrew Revkin at Dot Earth reports on actions being taken to protect Arctic fish from overexploitation once more sea ice melts.


Jonathan Cohn at The Treatment considers what Daschle’s withdrawal means for healthcare reform efforts.

Kate Sheppard at Gristmill alerts us to some good news (finally!) from EPA: the agency will begin a new rulemaking process on mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants.

David Cundiff at Health Beat suggests another way to stimulate the economy: pay the currently unpaid home caregivers of disabled people.

Lisa Frack at Enviroblog prepares us for the arrival of the plastic industry’s Plastic Ambassadors.

John Astad at OSHA Underground reports on the newly reintroduced combustible dust bill.

Nancy Folbre at Economix explains how expanded support for family planning (which has been nixed from the stimulus package) helps the economy.

Rachel Nugent at Global Health Policy warns that drug-resistant malaria is spreading in Southeast Asia and describes the containment strategy that’s taking shape.

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