February 20, 2009 The Pump Handle 0Comment

President Obama’s visit to Canada has several bloggers thinking about tar sands:


Maggie Mahar at Health Beat explores the possibilities for comparative effectiveness research (funded at $1.1 billion in the stimulus bill) actually affecting healthcare (Part II).

Jacob Goldstein at WSJ’s Health Blog updates us on Congressional efforts to allow patients injured by medical devices to sue the manufacturers (something the Supreme Court decided last year was not allowed).

Olga Naidenko at Enviroblog explains epigenetics, and what this field of study tells us about in utero exposure to pollution.

Stephen Power at Environmental Capital reports that Detroit’s reliance on bailout money seems to be softening its opposition to California’s tougher emissions standards

Maryn McKenna at Superbug finally has some (qualified) good news about MRSA infections in ICUs.

Sheila Bapat at RH Reality Check brings us the story of how an unexpected voter coalition helped defeat the Colorado ballot initiative that would have granted personhood rights at the moment of conception.

Fred Hersch at The Lancet Student highlights the Access Project, which is working to ensure that developing countries don’t just get healthcare facilities, but also the management systems that will help them function effectively.

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