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Bloggers are reacting to the news of major scientific fraud: Massachusetts anesthesiologist Dr. Scott Reuben falsified data in his published studies for more than a decade.

And also on the topic of doctors accepting drug-industry money, Roy M. Poses MD at Health Care Renewal notes medical school faculty members are often paid too little for teaching – which makes it more likely that they’ll accept pharmaceutical-industry funding.


Sarah Rubenstein at WSJ’s Health Blog gives us a quick portrait of Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Obama’s choice to head the FDA.

Justin Masterman at Science Progress welcomes Obama’s executive order on stem cells and highlights 10 promising advances in stem-cell research that have occurred around the world over the past few years.

Ezra Klein asks whether Citibank is playing politics on the Employee Free Choice Act.

Judy Berman at Broadsheet praises Oprah’s coverage of teen dating violence.

Tom Philpott at Gristmill explores how industrial strawberry production affects workers and the climate.

Michelle Goldberg at RH Reality Check applauds the just-passed spending bill’s inclusion of $50 million for the United Nations Population Fund.

Aman at Technology, Health & Development considers how the economic crisis will affect global health.

And, in case you need a reminder of just how tricky it is to translate between Chinese and English, check out these descriptions of environmental books.

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