June 20, 2011 Liz Borkowski, MPH 1Comment

A few of the recent pieces I’ve liked:

Julie Appleby and Jordan Rau at Kaiser Health News: ‘Double’ Chest Scans Increase Costs and Exposure to Radiation

Evan Bush in iWatch News: Obama administration signals higher gas royalties on public lands — and anticipated industry resistance

Alix Spiegel for NPR: Why Seeing (The Unexpected) Is Often Not Believing

Maryn McKenna at Superbug: Goodbye, Team D? When One State’s Cuts Hurt Everyone

Ezra Klein in the Washington Post: Better Medicaid coordination would cut costs, help the most seriously ill

And this one is for listening rather than reading, but it’s worth an hour of your time: This American Life’s “Old Boys Network” episode about nurses in a small Texas hospital who reported concerns about dangerous medical practices and found themselves the ones under arrest.

One thought on “Worth Reading: Chest scans, Gas Royalties, and Inattentional Blindness

  1. TAL’s “Old Boys Network” episode is a must listen! Share it with your nursing friends and many will relate to the horror story.

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