September 14, 2011 Liz Borkowski, MPH 0Comment

A few of the recent pieces I’ve liked:

Maryn McKenna at Superbug: Terror and Bioterror: 9/11 to 10/4 (This is the first in a series on the bioterrorism fears – some of which were realized – that followed the 9/11 attacks.)

Mark Magnier, Los Angeles Times: India’s night rat killers: Hunting shadows that scurry

Scicurious at The Scicurious Brain: Can probiotic yogurt cure your psychiatric ills?

Matt Chaban at the New York Observer: Janette Sadik-Khan Is the Best Mechanic the City Streets Have Had in a Generation–So Why Do Motorists Hate Her So Much?

Charles Ornstein, Tracy Weber, and Dan Nguyen at ProPublica: Piercing the Veil, More Drug Companies Reveal Payments to Doctors

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