June 29, 2012 Liz Borkowski, MPH 0Comment

There’s been a lot of great analysis and commentary since the Supreme Court issued its decision on the Affordable Care Act yesterday. Joe Paduda at Managed Care Matters is graciously hosting a special edition of Health Wonk Review — check it out a variety of takes on the legal, economic, and healthcare implications of the decision.

On the topic of states now getting to choose whether or not to participate in the Medicaid expansion, Sarah Kliff talks to Matt Salo, director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors, about how states will think through their options and runs some of the numbers on how many people would stand to gain coverage (or not) in different states: 2 million in California, 1.8 million in Texas, and 950,000 in Florida. Residents of those states might want to communicate their thoughts on Medicaid to their governors. DC, I’m proud to say, has already accepted the federal government’s offer to get the expansion started early.

In the New York Times, Kevin Sack and Reed Abelson bring the focus back to implementation, reminding us that the states who were putting off setting up insurance exchanges until hearing the Court’s decision now have to either act quickly to get their exchanges going or let the federal government do it for them.

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