February 2, 2007 The Pump Handle

In addition to the blogging related to the IPCC (which will be getting its own post), this past week saw lots of discussion on the issue of open-access science journals, following the news that a group of big publishers opposed to open access had hired “the pit bull of public relations,” Eric Dezenhall. Andrew Leonard […]

January 26, 2007 The Pump Handle 3Comment

The pharmaceutical industry was a hot topic in the blogosphere this week: Cervantes at Stayin’ Alive advocates for a ban on direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising (as opposed to the proposed legislation likely to come from the pharma industry). Orac at Respectful Insolence has a different take on the “DCA is a miracle cancer drug Big Pharma […]

January 12, 2007 The Pump Handle 2Comment

If you’ve got a long weekend coming up, what better way to spend it than by reading the best science blog posts? Coturnix of A Blog Around the Clock has links to the 50 posts chosen for the Science Blogging Anthology. Elsewhere in the blogosphere …

January 5, 2007 The Pump Handle 1Comment

The blogosphere has been buzzing all week about Andrew Revkin’s New York Times piece on the new “middle stance” in the climate debate. Real Climate authors have one of the most comprehensive responses to it (as well as links to several other bloggers’ posts); Revkin himself responds in the extensive comment thread. On other topics:

December 22, 2006 The Pump Handle 1Comment

The biggest news in science and public health was the tragic, though not unexpected, guilty verdict in the Libyan trial of six medics accused of deliberately infecting patients with HIV. Several members of the scientific community, mobilized by Nature reporter Declan Butler and several bloggers, drew attention to the scientific evidence demonstrating the medics´ innocence […]

December 15, 2006 The Pump Handle

Ruth Levine of Global Health Policy offers the AIDS-Malaria link as a reason disease-by-disease thinking isn’t the way to go. Richard Littlemore at DeSmogBlog reports on which US publishers don’t think their audiences can handle George Monbiot’s book “Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning.” Dave Munger at Cognitive Daily describes research into improving […]

December 8, 2006 The Pump Handle 1Comment

Health and environmental bloggers have covered a wide array of topics this week. Some highlights: Steve at Omni Brain (don’t click the link while eating) displays graphic warnings from Belgian and Thai cigarette packs Merrill Goozner at GoonzNews posts an excerpt from his just-published article (cover story of The Scientist, for those with subscriptions) on […]

December 1, 2006 The Pump Handle 1Comment

Today is World AIDS Day, and there’s no shortage of coverage in the blogosphere. Christy Hardin Smith at Firedoglake combines links to news stories with her own reflections, and Izzy at Unbossed remembers 1982, before they called it AIDS. Michael Bernstein and Nandini Oomman of Global Health Policy report from the World AIDS Day Event […]