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In addition to the blogging related to the IPCC (which will be getting its own post), this past week saw lots of discussion on the issue of open-access science journals, following the news that a group of big publishers opposed to open access had hired “the pit bull of public relations,” Eric Dezenhall. Andrew Leonard at How the World Works critiques Dezenhall; Revere at Effect Measure and Mike Dunford at the Questionable Authority (also here) take critical looks at the big publishers’ arguments; and Jackie at Element List has compiled links and descriptions for open-access journals.

On other topics …

Science Bloggers have been writing “Basics” posts about some of the terms and concepts used in their fields. So, if you’re not sure whether you’re using the terms “argument” and “biological clock” correctly, you should really check out posts on these topics at Adventures in Ethics and Science and A Block Around the Clock, respectively. For posts on basics in several fields, John S. Wilkins at Evolving Thought has compiled a list.

Chris Mooney at The Intersection attended Rep. Henry Waxman’s hearing about political interference with climate science (which we also blogged about here), and he also had follow-up posts (here, here, and here).

Rhona MacDonald at The Lancet Blog highlights donor countries’ problematic actions around food aid.

Mahad Ibrahim at Technology, Health and Development provides additional context to the LA Times “vaccine rennaissance” article.

Merrill Goozner at GoozNews comments on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s plans in response to a critical report from the Institute of Medicine.

Eesha Pandit at RH Reality Check gives a mixed review to Pakistan’s new family planning efforts.

Nedra Weinreich at Spare Change praises the Los Angeles Public Health Department’s practice of requiring restaurants to post the grades from their food safety inspections.

Dave Munger at Cognitive Daily offers advice on presenting scientific research to a general audience.

What else is worth a read? Leave suggestions in the comments.

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