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 Among the victims of the tragedy at Virginia Tech were five faculty members:

James Bishop
Jocelyne Couture-Nowak
Kevin Granata
Liviu Librescu
G.V. Loganathan

Librescu was a 76 year-old Holocaust survivor who blocked his classroom doorway from the gunman while his students leapt to freedom.

The Roanoke Times has profiles of all the victims here.

LA Times: Amvac Chemical Corp. has settled a lawsuit alleging that its pesticide DBCP caused agricultural workers in Nicaragua to become sterile; the company will pay $300,000 to 13 former banana plantation workers.

Standard-Examiner: It is estimated that more than 80 former narcotics officers around the state of Utah state have been stricken with respiratory, nerve and other problems, including cancers, believed linked to their occupational exposure to methamphetamine labs. A new center has opened to treat exposed officers.

OSHA and NIOSH have published a Safety and Health Information Bulletin to help protect surgical personnel from needle stick injuries.

The Daily News (Galveston County): Sixty years ago, a Texas City dockside explosion claimed at least 576 lives.

BBC: A gardener who worked the land for 93 years without taking vacation is retiring at the age of 104.

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