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Over at AlterNet, Grist’s David Roberts and Lisa Hymas have compiled a list of the top 15 environmental stories of 2007. Climate change is the dominant theme, with scientists and Al Gore sounding the alarm and politicians responding (not necessarily in a productive way — see the ethanol item). The list also includes stories we’ve covered here at The Pump Handle: our unsustainable food system, hazardous toys, and judicial rebukes of Bush administration environmental policy.

Is there a big environmental story that’s missing from the list? And what’s the 2008 version likely to include a year from now?

2 thoughts on “Top Environmental Stories of 2007

  1. Most notable is that an environment where the half of us who are economically active spend 40% of our waking hours isn’t mentioned at all.

  2. We all (bloggers or not) can’t have 2009 get here soon enough. Open and fair access to the people’s documents will only become reality when the full provisions of the amendment takes place. An honest and ethical government has nothing to fear from full disclosure, full release, and full accountability to the “the people.”

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