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Occupational Health News Roundup

It's time for federal lawmakers to catch up with the quickly changing relationship between employers and workers; an upcoming Supreme Court case could upend public-sector unions; New York farmworker loses court case to gain organizing rights, but vows to appeal; and the country's biggest janitorial company faces new allegations of sexual abuse in the workplace.

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Public health historians make open to us a treasure trove of industry documents

Public health historians Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner have amassed millions of pages of chemical-industry documents. Most were obtained by attorneys through the discovery process. They revealed tactics used by corporate interests to obstruct public health protections. What had been stored in cardboard boxes are now available on-line for researchers, journalists, environmental justice advocates, and you, too.

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After years of steady progress, America’s uninsured rate begins climbing back up

Despite constant undermining from the Trump administration, nearly 8.8 million Americans got covered during the last open enrollment period on That’s nearly as high as the previous enrollment period, and a testament to people’s desire for health coverage. Still, it seems the administration’s actions didn’t go without impact.

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