Occupational Health News Roundup

The Teamsters get ready to become a 'sanctuary union'; a Florida bill would protect immigrant workers injured on the job; low-wage workers return to the streets to fight for $15; and the death of a social worker highlights the risks of occupational violence.

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Occupational Health News Roundup

It's time for federal lawmakers to catch up with the quickly changing relationship between employers and workers; an upcoming Supreme Court case could upend public-sector unions; New York farmworker loses court case to gain organizing rights, but vows to appeal; and the country's biggest janitorial company faces new allegations of sexual abuse in the workplace.

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National Academies report “dire need” for robust occupational health surveillance system

A report released this week by the National Academies calls on federal and state agencies to establish and strengthen the systems for assembling data on work-related injuries, illnesses, and exposure to hazards. The last report of this type was published more than 30 years ago by the National Research Council.

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Occupational Health News Roundup

Sanitation workers in the meatpacking industry face life-threatening dangers on the job; number of OSHA inspectors down under Trump; truckers feel the pressure to work while sleep-deprived; and despite increased demand for sexual harassment training, there's little evidence it actually works.

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