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Today is World AIDS Day, and there’s no shortage of coverage in the blogosphere. Christy Hardin Smith at Firedoglake combines links to news stories with her own reflections, and Izzy at Unbossed remembers 1982, before they called it AIDS. Michael Bernstein and Nandini Oomman of Global Health Policy report from the World AIDS Day Event in Nairobi, and Christine Gorman of TIME’s Global Health Update links to photos and stories of people living with AIDS.

On other topics:


Mike the Mad Biologist warns against focusing on water and sanitation improvement to the exclusion of cholera vaccination programs.

Gristmill’s Justin Pidot reports from the courtroom on Massachusetts v. EPA, and Chris Mooney at The Intersection (here, too) critiques Justice Scalia’s grasp of science at The Intersection.

Page Rockwell of Broadsheet considers the mixed messages for women of childbearing age in this week’s New York Times.

Tim Lambert at Deltoid responds to Bjorn Lomborg’s “DDT ban” claim.

Harsha Thirumurthy of Global Health Policy discusses how universities can use their research to improve access to medicine in developing countries.

Andrew Leonard at How the World Works explores the implications Thailand’s move to make a generic version of a patented AIDS drug for a US-Thai free trade agreement.

Jordan Barab at Confined Space is keeping on top of BP’s workplace safety problems.

Any other not-to-be-missed blog posts on public health or environmental topics? Leave them in the comments.

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  1. Roger Pielke Jr. at Prometheus also has some interesting commentary on the Supreme Court’s discussion of the suit attempting to compel the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas carbon dioxide as a pollutant

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