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The blogosphere has been buzzing all week about Andrew Revkin’s New York Times piece on the new “middle stance” in the climate debate. Real Climate authors have one of the most comprehensive responses to it (as well as links to several other bloggers’ posts); Revkin himself responds in the extensive comment thread.

On other topics:

Ross Gelbspan at DeSmogBlog lays out “One Path to Climate Peace.”

At Scientific American’s blog, JR Minkel discusses the gap between the need and demand for vaccines in developing countries, and Ciara Curtin sets the record straight on treating jellyfish stings (Despite what you may have seen on Friends, urinating on them apparently isn’t helpful.)

Jordan Barab at Confined Space has the top ten workplace stories from 2006.

Gloria Feldt at RH Reality Check asks, “Are Ovaries Necessary to See Need for Birth Control?

Matthew at Enviroblog gives a heads up about an upcoming EPA decision that may allow the unrestricted use of hexavalent chromium as a wood preservative.

RPM at evolgen responds to Mary Woolley’s article in The Scientist about communicating science to the public.

Tom Philpott at Gristmill warns of the coming of “CAFO-diesel.”

Any other not-to-be-missed blog posts on public health or environmental topics? Leave them in the comments.

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