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This week, health advocates are drawing attention to some important safety hazards.

The Senate just passed a resolution proclaiming the first week in April National Asbestos Awarenss Week and urging the Surgeon General, as a public health issue, to warn and educate people that asbestos exposure may be hazardous to their health. Meanwhile, EPA released a new pamphlet educating mechanics about how to minimize their asbestos exposure (many cars’ brake systems contain asbestos), and the Minnesota Health Department announced that it will study whether an unexpected number of mesothelioma deaths among former iron ore miners is linked to asbestos and necessitates exposure limits.

It’s also Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, which aims to reduce the number of accidents and injuries in roadway work zones.

Other types of workers whose health and safety are in the news include:

Farmers: Farming accidents seem to spike in the months related to planting and harvesting. (The News-Messenger) 

Bicycle delivery workers: New legislation signed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg requires businesses using bicylce delivery workers to give them helmets and ensure that their bikes are safe. (New York Times)

Workers from IBM’s Endicott plant: Federal health officials are proposing a $3.1 million study of IBM personnel records to determine the cancer rate among 28,000 employees who might have been exposed to chemicals, including trichlorethylene.(Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

Nanotech workers (and consumers): Health advocates urge the federal government to come up with a clear strategy for understanding the environmental and health dangers of the emerging nanotechnology industry. (Austin American-Statesman)

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