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This edition of Occupational Health News Roundup is dedicated to Workers’ Memorial Day, which was observed around the world on April 28th.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: A ceremony commemorated the 100th anniversary of The Pittsburgh Survey (1907-1908), “the pioneering work of Crystal Eastman and others which investigated the horrendous living conditions of Pittsburgh’s working class as the 19th century began.”

Decatur, Illinois: Children held crosses bearing the names of workers who died on the job at a gathering to remember fallen workers.

Prince George, British Columbia: A new memorial to workers killed and injured on the job was unveiled.

Saint Paul, Minnesota: The Minnesota Department of Transportation held remembrance ceremonies and issued a plea to motorists to use extra caution while driving in highway work zones.

Manchester, UK: Wreaths of flowers and the shoes of dead workers formed a display, and a one minute’s silence was held “to remember the dead and to focus people’s minds on the fight to protect the living.”

Links to more articles on Workers’ Memorial Day events:

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If you have a link to a Workers’ Memorial Day news story not mentioned above, please leave it in the comments.

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