5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Someone who works at a facility still making this stuff needs to snag some and send it to his home

    Direct action gives direct results;)

  2. His website http://flake.house.gov/ says that he works “to promote a conservative philosophy of less government, more freedom, and individual responsibility.”

    I wonder if Rep. Flake met Mr. Eric Peoples or other workers who are suffereing severe lung damage because of exposure to butter-flavoring agents, if he’d sing the same tune about “individual responsiblity.” Mr. People correctly stated that he is just a family man who played by the rules and was working at the Jasper, MO popcorn plant. If the COMPANY and OSHA had taken their legal RESPONSIBILITIES seriously to protect workers’, Mr. Peoples would have more than 20% lung function.

    Rep. Flake’s comment is a disrespectly insult.

  3. I sent him several diacetyl-related documents, enclosing a note reading: “While I am sure you made this comment facetiously and were not intending to poke fun at the microwave popcorn factory employees who are now on lung transplant waiting lists, your comment suggests that you would benefit from more information about this devastating occupational hazard and about the necessity of the timely establishment of an OSHA standard to protect America’s workers.”

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