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Several blog posts this week showcased successful steps in the global effort to bring healthcare to underserved populations. Anika Rahman at RH Reality Check profiles three winners of the International Awards for the Health and Dignity of Women. Aman at Technology, Health & Development highlights an ingeniously simple device for safely disposing of contaminated needles. Jessica Pickett at Global Health Policy explains how vouchers from the FDA can spur investment in R&D for neglected diseases.


Revere at Effect Measure explains, with the help of an analogy, why scientists are concerned about Bisphenol A. (Revere’s posts on DDT and breast cancer and Tamiflu in the sewer are also worth checking out.)

Lauren Trevisan at Gristmill reports from the “Environmental Justice Braintrust” session of the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference.

Amanda at Enviroblog considers what global environmental justice really means (here, too).

Grrl Scientists at Living the Scientific Life explores the question of why a small percentage of people taking SSRIs exhibit increased suicidal thinking after beginning treatment.  

Mike the Mad Biologist reminds us why and how we need to wash our hands.

Maggie Mahar at Health Beat talks to an FDA insider and learns about less-than-exemplary practices by the pharmaceutical industry.

As regular Science Blogs readers already know, this blogging empire reached the 500,000 comment milestone earlier this week, and several Science Bloggers launched a Donors Choose campaign for worthy school projects in need of financial assistance.

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