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In advance of Super-Duper Tuesday voting, bloggers have some thoughts about the Republican presidential hopefuls:

On the Democratic side, Van Jones at Gristmill explains what those “green-collar jobs” the candidates have been referring to really are.

Bloggers also want more from the politicians already in Congress: Tom Kalil at Science Progress calls for a national innovation agenda, Climate Progress thinks the House’s efforts to offset its carbon are a waste of money, and Chad Orzel at Uncertain Principles supports a letter-writing campaign to restore lost science funding.


An easy-to-use kit for saving the lives of people who’ve overdosed on heroin has proven to be effective – but the White House Office on National Drug Control Policy opposes the kit, claiming it might encourage drug abuse. Howls of frustration erupted in the science blogosphere at this news, and Abel Pharmboy at Terra Sigillata distilled the arguments into a single post.

Jennifer L. Jacquet at Shifting Baselines reminds us of an important point that’s been missing from the debate about mercury in sushi.

Michelle at Enviroblog points out that the nine states responsible for most of the nitrogen and phosphorous pollution in the Mississippi (and thus for the dead zone in the Gulf) also get a large chunk of the federal farm subsidies.

Matt Madia at OMB Watch conveys the dismal picture of the FDA that emerged at a recent hearing.

Emily Monosson at The Neighborhood Toxicologist is surprised by one high school class’s response to the online documentary “The Story of Stuff.”

Mead Over at Global Health Policy addresses the question of whether global AIDS funding is crowding out other health sector support.

Tara Smith at Correlations brings us a public-health reminder just in time for the Super Bowl: think before you double-dip your chip!

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