May 2, 2008 The Pump Handle 0Comment

Bloggers had a lot to say about the health, safety, and healthcare of workers:


Revere at Effect Measure updates on us the benzene-in-soda problem.

Amanda at Enviroblog has good and bad news about the EPA’s new proposed limits on lead emissions.

Terrance Berg at DeSmogBlog hopes that ducks trapped and dying in toxic tailings ponds will mobilize more opposition to the Alberta oil sands project.

Matt Madia at Reg Watch explains how the White House has interfered with a rule designed to protect endangered right whales.

Marsha Johnston at EnviroWonk considers the chances of Governor Schwarzenegger signing California e-waste legislation.

Roy M. Poses MD at Health Care Renewal updates us on the problems with heparin – apparently, “some dude” is to blame for the contamination of the anti-coagulant that’s implicated in 21 deaths.

Christine Gorman at Global Health Report introduces us to the Health Eight (or H8), a group of organizations working to stimulate a global sense of urgency for reaching the health-related Millennium Development Goals.

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