May 30, 2008 The Pump Handle 0Comment

As rising oil prices continue to grab headlines, the spotlight turns to what politicians are and aren’t doing to solve our energy problems.

And in other climate-related matters, Kaid Benfield at NRDC’s Switchboard considers the prospects for the suburban mess that is Tysons Corner turning into a model of smart growth, and Ryan Avent at The Bellows explains some of the factors behind a new ranking of 100 metro areas’ carbon footprints.



Robert McClure at Dateline Earth alerts us to a new USDA report on climate change’s impacts on agriculture, water resources, and biodiversity.

John Astad at OSHA Underground highlights a spate of recent combustible dust explosions, and factors that allow this problem to persist.

Niko Karvounis at Health Beat delves into the implications of Riegel v. Medtronic, which preempts liability lawsuits over medical devices.

Sarah Seltzer at RH Reality Check describes several projects using new media tools to communicate sexual health information.

Merrill Goozner at GoozNews looks at the debate going on in medical journals about the cost-effectiveness of prevention.

Sarah Rubenstein at WSJ’s Health Blog explains why young adults go without health insurance.

Aman at Technology, Health & Development profiles Aravind Eye Care System of Tamil Nadu, which serves hundreds of thousands of patients with the goal of eradicating blindness (much of it due to cataracts) in developing regions – and which has won the 2008 Global Health Council Gates Award.

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