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Given all the recent problems with contaminated food, it’s not surprising that food labeling is a hot topic these days:


Drug Monkey calls a win for the Science Debate effort, which succeeded in getting answers from the Obama campaign on several science issues.

Matt Madia at Reg Watch reports on the latest research on bisphenol A, and considers the prospects for federal action on the chemical.

Health Beat reminds us why having insurance doesn’t necessarily translate to getting needed care, with posts from Niko Karvounis on the frightening state of emergency departments and from Maggie Mahar on the difficulty of finding primary care doctors.

Elizabeth Cooney at White Coat Notes considers some of the factors behind the high rate of suicide among doctors.

Ashwin Seshagiri at Triple Pundit explains the concept of “pay-as-you-drive” car insurance, which California is considering as one strategy for reducing car travel.

Tom Philpott at Gristmill shares some grim statistics about working conditions for agricultural laborers, which drove discussion at Eric Schlosser’s “A New, Fair Food System” panel at the Slow Food Nation convention.

Lisa at Enviroblog celebrates the passage of a new product-safety law as a victory for consumers, but remains concerned about lead in women’s and children’s vitamins.

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