September 12, 2008 The Pump Handle 0Comment

Bloggers offer advice and observations related to the election:


Andrew Leonard at How the World Works explains what’s important about the U.S. Minerals Management Service Scandal – and its not the sex and drugs.

Amie Newman at RH Reality Check reminds us that there are only a few days left in the public comment period for the HHS rule allowing healthcare providers to opt out of providing care they oppose.

John Astad at OSHA Underground analyzes the data on combustible dust-related explosions and finds that State OSHA participation in inspections and enforcement for this hazard is minimal.

Frances Beinecke at NRDC’s Switchboard critiques the “All of the Above” approach to energy.

Andrew B. Einhorn at Oh My Gov! covers a report that calls for a $100 billion investment to create two million green jobs – and notes that while $100 billion may seem like a lot, it’s $68 billion less than the recent stimulus package.

Janet Stemwedel at Adventures in Ethics and Science delves into contentious findings on cell phones and DNA damage.

Rachel Nugent at Global Health Policy alerts us to a new idea for making new malaria drugs affordable.

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