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Occupational Hazards has assembled a list of the 50 most influential leaders in Environmental Health and Safety, and our own David Michaels is on the list. “Love them or despise them, these are the 50 people the editors of Occupational Hazards feel have had the most impact on EHS in the past decade,” the introduction reads – and, indeed, several of the people on the list (like Elaine Chao and Edwin Foulke of the Department of Labor) have been frequent targets of criticism on this blog.

The sections devoted to Worker Safety Advocates and Union EHS Leaders include some folks who we’ve been honored to work with on occupational health issues, like Jordan Barab, best known in the blogosphere for his fantastic work on Confined Space, and Peg Seminario of the AFL-CIO.

The article lacks the space to do justice to everyone’s activities, but the list can make an interesting jumping-off point for googling.

OSHA Underground has provided some alternative suggestions for some of the categories, and has included our own Celeste Monforton in the Worker Advocate section. I also like their idea of adding a section for reporters, since there are several great reporters (and editors) bringing occupational health issues to light. The entire list is well worth a read.

Who else would you put on the list of influential environmental/occupational health leaders?

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