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There’s a new voice in the public health blogosphere: Target Population, a blog by students from the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services. The students are enrolled in Blogging Skills for Public Health, a class Celeste and I are teaching this semester.

Although the blog is new, it already boasts several thought-provoking posts on a wide range of topics, including Zimbabwe’s cholera epidemic, a new anti-smoking campaign, the U.S. vaccine plan, restaurant inspections, and hospital preparedness.

We encourage you to check out Target Population, and add it to your bookmarks or RSS feed so you can stay up-to-date on what the next generation of public health professionals is thinking.

One thought on “Introducing Target Population

  1. Great to hear you’re teaching a class on this.

    Don’t stop at that and make sure you look at everything from understanding audiences social networking and proper integration of new media and user-interactive flash applications(something that public health sector has never really done right… yet). It’s not something your students will have time to learn in most cases but I’m sure GWU has some programming classes that you can do projects with. If we embrace the next generation before the corporate interests do then we can be the one’s who define the technology rather than microsoft and adobe(maybe ;)).

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