October 26, 2010 Liz Borkowski, MPH 0Comment

As you may have noticed if you read other science blogs, several bloggers are highlighting projects that need a little cash to bring science alive for students. DonorsChoose.org lets public school teachers post requests for classroom materials — from dictionaries to dissection kits — and collects donations through its website. Once a project reaches its funding goal, DonorsChoose delivers the materials to the school.

If you can spare a few dollars, this is a worthwhile cause. The ScienceBlogs page is here, so you check out all the projects these bloggers are supporting. Here are a few of the cool projects (all from high-poverty schools) that are still in need of funding:

  • A ninth- and tenth-grade biology teacher in Washington, DC requests a digital projecting microscope so students can “understand content that involves organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye.” (Highlighted by Pharyngula)
  • A ninth-grade science teacher in Los Angeles assigns science-related reading to her students (many of whom like to read books on their hour-long bus rides to school) and requests copies of Mean Genes and Fast Food Nation so students can “learn about genetics and nutrition/physiology while reading engaging and relevant books.” (Highlighted by The Thoughtful Animal)
  • A kindergarten teach in Fort Worth, Texas wants her students to learn how to “make observations by using the five senses,” and requests two Science Kits that include plant-growing materials and magnifying glasses that will help her students enjoy learning. (Highlighted by Uncertain Principles)

It’s great to read through the teachers’ notes and see how many dedicated educators are out there pursuing new ways to get their students engaged with science. It’s also great that we have a chance to help them out. Click on through to the DonorsChoose ScienceBlogs page to read about donation opportunities.

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