Worth Reading: Dieting’s Effects on the Brain, Energy Efficiency, and Giving Birth

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Ta-Nehisi Coates at The Atlantic blogs: On Labor (“My son is the joy of my life. But the work of ushering him into the world nearly killed his mother.”)

Scicurious at Neurotic Physiology: Dieting, Stress, and the Changing Brain.

Robert Reich’s Blog at the Christian Science Monitor: US Chamber of Commerce: Obama makes a bargain

Jon R. Luoma at Yale Environment 360: Why Does Energy Efficiency’s Promise Remain Unfulfilled?

Alice Bell at The Guardian’s Notes & Theories blog: Sexual discrimination against women in science may be institutional — and also one of the pieces she links to, Kathy Weston in Science Careers: In Person: Falling off the Ladder: How Not to Succeed in Academia

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