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A new Health Wonk Review compiled by Jaan Sidorov is now up at Disease Management Care Blog. It’s got links and descriptions for a bounty of blog posts on healthcare quality, the Affordable Care Act, Paul Ryan, and other healthcare topics (including a link to my recent post on where Medicaid beneficiaries can get care).

One of the featured posts I particularly like (and probably wouldn’t have seen if not for the HWR link) is Justin Jones’ “A farewell, a remembrance, and a request” at The New Health Dialogue. Jones, who has just started his second year of medical school, reflects on his great-grandmother’s recent death in light of the discussions that are happening in the media about end-of-life care. And he closes with a request that readers talk to to their loved ones about end-of-life care and consider drafting a living will or advance directive making their wishes clear.

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