Worth reading: Polio, pregnancy, and wily mosquitoes

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A few of the recent pieces I’ve liked:

Jason Beaubien (here, too), Jackie Northam (here, too), Julie McCarthy, and Michaeleen Doucleff in NPR’s terrific polio series.

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ The Atlantic blog: Pregnancy as Labor

Jenni Bergal at the Washington Post: Moving people out of nursing homes proves to be difficult, despite federal funding

Bora Zivkovic at A Blog Around the Clock: Stumped by bed nets, mosquitoes turn midnight snack into breakfast

Jane Brody at the New York Times’ Well Blog: In Fight Against Obesity, Drink Sizes Matter

And this would technically be in the “worth watching” category: The Huffington Post Live segment “Breast-less cancer” features Pump Handle contributor and epidemiologist Dick Clapp, along with male breast cancer survivors Mike Partain (who was born at Camp Lejeune and links his disease to that exposure) and Harvey Singer.

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