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A new Health Wonk Review compiled by Peggy Salvatore is now up at the Healthcare Talent Transformation blog. It’s got links and descriptions for a great collection of posts on several healthcare topics, from health information technology and patient-experience reviews to the impact a government shutdown would have on Affordable Care Act implementation. (My post from last week, “Expanding Medicaid can improve birth outcomes,” is included.)

One of the posts I found especially thought-provoking (and probably wouldn’t have seen if not for the HWR link) is Vince Kuraitis’s post “Healthcare Transformation: Coping With the Neutral Zone” at the e-CareManagement blog. There’s broad agreement among healthcare experts that a fee-for-service system, in which providers are paid for volume of care rather than quality or outcomes, isn’t the best incentive structure for encouraging high-quality, prevention-focused care. Kuraitis considers the actual process of transitioning away from fee-for-service, including some estimates of how long it will take.

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