Worth reading: Child agriculture deaths, SNAP reductions, and a post-antibiotics future

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A few of the recent pieces I’ve liked:

Mariya Strauss in The Nation: Regulations Are Killed, and Kids Die: Under pressure, the Obama administration withdrew rules barring young laborers from dangerous work—a decision with grave consequences for several families.

Maryn McKenna in Medium: Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future: After 85 years, antibiotics are growing impotent. So what will medicine, agriculture and everyday life look like if we lose these drugs entirely?

Rachel Pearson in the Texas Observer: Texas’ Other Death Penalty: A Galveston medical student describes life and death in the so-called safety net

David Raether in Priceonomics: What It’s Like to Fail

Katy Waldman in Slate: Meat is the First Thing to Go: What it’s like to have your food stamps cut

Joseph Stiglitz at the New York Times Opinionator blog: The Insanity of Our Food Policy

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