3 thoughts on “Worth reading: Better condoms, government handouts, and online violence

  1. why would the government hand out better condoms? I means there are far more impotent things than that. Parents should teach their children to abstain, they always say prevention is better than cure and I totally agree. online violence towards women is unacceptable because they kill women’s self-esteem.

  2. why would the government hand out better condoms?

    Easy question. It saves money.
    By preventing pregnancy.
    By reducing health care costs.

    And yes, parents and schools should teach children about sex in an age appropriate manner. Abstinence works only if practiced. Abstinence only sex ed does not work as intended.

  3. I am from a South Africa a country ravaged by HIV,with free condoms distributed throughout the country,currently the government is thinking about distribution in universities but since the start of the distribution new infection levels have been reduced,It would be great if the U.S were to follow,without forgetting sex-education of course

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