Worth reading: Alzheimer’s, working moms, and conditions in Trump’s Las Vegas hotel

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A few of the recent pieces I’ve liked:

Melissa Harris-Perry in Elle and before the Congressional Caucus for Black Women and Girls: How Our Country Fails Black Women and Girls

N.R. Kleinfeld in The New York Times: Fraying at the Edges (“A withered person with a scrambled mind, memories sealed away: That is the familiar face of Alzheimer’s. But there is also the waiting period, which Geri Taylor has been navigating with prudence, grace and hope.”)

Oliver Laughland and Mae Ryan in The Guardian: Workers fight for dignity in Trump’s Las Vegas hotel: ‘You don’t talk to the boss’

Emily Peck in the Huffington Post: If You Really Care About Working Moms, Make The School Day Longer

Todd Ackerman in The Houston Chronicle: Medicaid dental clinics targeted, accused of overtreatment

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