September 26, 2016 Liz Borkowski, MPH 0Comment

A few of the recent pieces I’ve liked:

Maryn McKenna at National Geographic’s Germination: How We’ll Tackle Diseases That Are Becoming Untreatable (“The United Nations just declared antibiotic resistance “the greatest and most urgent global risk.” Here’s what they’re going to do about it.”)

Kelli Garcia in US News & World Report: We Can’t Wait: With Congress unconscionably failing to act, states must move quickly to protect pregnant women from Zika

Kelly Heyboer at The Invisible Workforce: Death, discrimination and despair in N.J.’s temp industry

Alex Campbell and Katie J.M. Baker at BuzzFeed: Unfounded: When Detectives Dismiss Rape Reports Before Investigating Them (also read the follow-up)

Vann R. Newkirk II in The Atlantic: The Vexing Economics of Obamacare

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